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To configure your router for Bigpond Cable you will need to switch your router's WAN port to Bigpond Cable option and specify your Bigpond username and password there. You will need to disable the Bigpond software on all your computers so the router does the login instead of your computers.

Configuration steps:

Step 1 On the computer which is connected to the Cable modem locate the Bigpond Cable Login icon on the task bar in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Right-click on it and select `Disconnect'.

Step 2 Right-click on the Bigpond Cable Login icon again and select `Options'. Under Options disable `Auto connect', `Automatically start when user logs on' and `Automatically reconnect.'. Click on OK. Repeat the Step 2 on all computers on your network. It is important that you disable the Bigpond Cable Login software on all your computers, otherwise Bigpond server will be closing the connection intermittently.

Step 3 Connect the cable modem to the WAN port of your router. If the modem has USB connection make sure that it is NOT connected to any computers via USB cable and that the modem is switched to Ethernet.
Connect your computer(s) to the router's LAN port(s) or establish connection to it wirelessly.

Step 4 Open your Internet Explorer and log into your router by typing in its IP address (in most cases the default IP is ). Note that you do not have to be on the Internet in order to access this address because you are just connecting to your router's address. Specify username and password for your router, default is `admin' and password is blank (nothing).

Step 5 After logging into the router select Home tab and then click on WAN button on your left. Select [Others] 'Bigpond Cable' option.

Step 6 Specify your account details:
User Name: Enter your Bigpond Cable account name here, eg. username (it should be your short username not your e-mails address).

Password: Enter your Bigpond Cable password here. Note that sometimes on Bigpond Welcome Sheet the password is written in capital letters where it should all be in lower case.

[Auth Server: dce-server]

Login Server IP: please use the following Bigpond Login Server IP addresses:
New South Wales
South Australia
Western Australia
~ Source:

Step 7 After entering the details of your account click on 'Apply'.
After the router restarts check Status > Device Info. Under WAN section you should see Connection: Bigpond Client Connected. If it is not connected click on 'Bigpond Login'.

The steps are described in detail in this document:!Routers/Bigpond_Cable_setup.pdf


If you are still having difficulties, you need to:
- Make sure you do not have Bigpond login software running on any of the computers on your network. This software will interfere with router's login process and will result in intermittent disconnections.

- Go to Home > WAN menu and click on 'Clone MAC'. Do this from the computer which the Telstra cable was directly connected to the last time. This will place the MAC address of your computer into the router.
If you do not see the 'Clone MAC' option, switch WAN port to 'Dynamic IP' and you will get the 'Clone MAC' option available. After cloning MAC click on Apply, wait until router restarts and then switch it back to 'Bigpond Cable' option. Click on Apply again.

- Double-check your User name and Password again (lower case = small letters) by reentering them, 'Apply' and then reboot the router and your cable modem.

- Log into the router and go to Status page. Note what IP address it is getting on the WAN interface. If the IP address you see under WAN appears to be in the same range you are using on your network (e.g. 192.168.0.

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